大西洋版块地图 The Map of Atlantic Forums 编辑

啰嗦论坛——由下列社区组成Our forum consists of the following communities.

0、大西洋论坛 Atlantic Forum ——自由上帖,语言不限,内容不限。有什么问题可以直接发帖问讯。Post freely in any language and with any content. Any question can be submitted and posted directly.

1、西班牙修行论坛Spain Cultivation Forum ——涉及修行领域的,自由发帖,语言不限。流水贴是最新内容。 Refers to the field of spiritual practice, freely post in any language. These series of subjects have the newest topics.

2、神秘文化探索社区 Exploration of the Mysterious Culture Community ——希望使用双语(中英文),世界交友。
Intend to use bilingual (Chinese-English) thus making friends all over the world.

3、女人社区 Women’s Community ——内容丰富多彩,语言不限,自由发帖。男士可以进入发帖回复。The community has plenty of content with no language limits and posting freely. Men are welcome to enter to comment and post replies to the subjects.

4、天地文化社区 Worldwide Culture Community ——修行指导性的资料,观记交流。语言不限。
Guides about the development of the spirit and the inspirational writings to generate informed observations for further discussion, all languages are accepted.

5、天荒地老社区 For Eternity Community ——修行基础资料,五花八门,自由上帖,语言不限。
Basic cultivation documents, a wide variety, post freely, no language limit.

6、快乐瑜伽社区 Happy Yoga Community ——晚霞瑜伽,基础行观记录。
Sunset yoga, basic inspiring writing

7、仙娜丽乡 Xanadu Community ——自由上帖,语言不限,问题争异,各种见解。
Post freely, no language limit on controversial problems, there are varying points of view.

8、小草都护社区 Little Grass Supervisor Community ——众学者内部问题研讨。
An internal discussion about the issues raised for all learning members.

9、啰嗦女神社区 Luosuo Goddess Community ——备用 Backup

Add to the details of each of the communities above, please all members respond and make some relevant observations. This posting is especially for newcomers.